After gaining a huge success and prestige on the non-invasive hair restoration, our clinic welcomes you to our Services/Treatments for the FACE and BODY reshaping program, to unveil your real beauty.

As one of the pioneer in hair restoration and aesthetic treatments. We have more than 10 years experiences in related field and our vision is to give a very best service to our patient for their satisfaction needs.

The clinic now housed a growing team of expert doctors and well trained nurses, and technical staff, to provide you with a valued service. You are presented with an honest advice on your case and the suitable treatment that is safe and best for you, right after the consultation.

We have acquired the cutting -edge technologies to give you the youthful and naturally attractive look. Our knowledge and advanced technology, allows us to achieve the best results with minimal risks and downtime period, which means you can carry out your usual everyday life quickly.

Our clinic performs day procedure a walk-in walk-out, which does not require general anesthesia, overnight stays or long recovery periods. Book your consultation today to begin the assessment process. Find out more about our doctors here.