Acne is a prevalent occurrence among men and women during adolescence stage and beyond. Genetics plays an important role in Acne as well as the environment. This skin condition is one of the causes for low self-esteem to the point of depression.

Fortunately, the wonder of dermatology coupled with the state-of-the-art technologies, can reverse the scars of acne, minimize and halt acne break-out.

Our expertise and caring hands, provide you with a variety of acne treatments. We tailor our treatment to your needs. We offer individual acne care and present practical options to you. We look at the long-term benefits that you can truly value when you let us take care of your needs. Regardless of your age and your gender and the type of acne you have, we are to offer our FDA-approved laser treatments. Based from our client’s feedback, this type of laser treatment, after four to five sessions, shows skin improvement.

Benefits of Acne treatment

  • Younger, smoother skin
  • Even skin tone
  • Looking Fresh and clean
  • No more heavy make-up or concealer to cover the pimple marks

Choosing our clinic to treat your acne problem, is the first step towards a nice-looking face. Our medical team and our nurses are here to assist you any time of the day.