Dermal Fillers - Theosyl / Juverderm

The cosmetic surgery has bridged the gap between your real gift and beauty beyond perfection. Our clinic has modernized the look of both men and women in today’s era. We are conscious of your need and as such; we continually invest, in both resources and knowledge, to better serve you.

We would like to welcome you with our latest derma fillers – Theosyl / Juverderm. Derma fillers add volume to your face. This is the answer to your marked facial lines and wrinkles. These aging signs need to be reversed for you to enjoy the optimum youthful-looking skin.

Why Theosyl / Juverderm

This is the latest in the cosmetic surgery today offered by the expert in the industry. Our clinic is one of the known players in this area that uses Theosyl / Juverderm derma fillers. This filler is best suited for mild and moderate skin wrinkles because it has the ability to correct the contour of the face as well as other irregularities, like deep scars on the face.

Why Choose Us?

We are one of the pioneer clinics, which performs derma fillers using this kind of material. It takes an expert to this procedure, and we are confident of our skills and our work has transformed many faces already, here and around the region.

Entrust your look to us, and we can assure you of the highest standard of patient care and safety. Seek your consultation today by calling our number or visiting our clinic.