Fungal Infection – Skin and Nails

Don’t you know that a poorly done manicure or pedicure can increase the risk of nail infection? Our clinic has treated various clients with a fungal infection, which later they knew are caused by a simple nail job that has gone wrong.

We don’t just prescribe an anti-fungal medication because each fungal infection has a specific treatment of its own. Upon consultation, we assess the fungal infection. We send the scraped samples to the laboratory, to ascertain the specific type of fungus infection. We only commence our treatment when we have all the data at hand, and offer you the most feasible option that can serve your best interest.

The benefits of having your skin and nail fungal infection treated.

  • Restored self-confidence
  • No more shoe or slippers restrictions
  • Take away the fear of infecting others
  • Lowers the risk of a severe nail injury
  • Be free fungal-free

The scope of our work goes beyond the clinic. After we’ve given you the treatment and medication, here in the clinic, our lines are open for you to consult our medical team for your concerns. This is how we strengthen our connection, and it is through your feedback and comments that we also improve.