Mole Removal/Skin Tag

Moles and skin tags are one of the skin sores that need to be handled by the professionals. Although these growths are non-cancerous, however, the removal of such has to be precise. Our clinic offers skin tag and mole removal as a day service, which means, right after we remove all the tags and mole, you can go back to your work or resume your activities, without delay.

We take pride of what we do and our medical team are here to assist you before, during and after the procedure is done. Our procedure is painless, utilizing the most modern equipment to provide you with less discomforting experience.

Benefits of Mole and Skin Tag Removal.

  • Flaunt your beautiful skin
  • You don’t have to mask the skin growth with makeup or concealer
  • Prevents accidental skin tearing on the skin growth
  • Confident feeling

Let our expert hands help you unleash your true beauty without these patches. We follow the highest standard of patient care in all our undertakings. Secondly, our medical team is here, ready, to assist you right after the procedure is done. Our service extends beyond the four-squares in our clinic. We have the home-kit, which includes, discharge instructions, medication instructions and all the relevant and easy to follow reminders.