Skin Pigmentation

The blotchy and discolored part of your skin is cumbersome. Our skin color is determined by the pigments – melanin. Too much production of melanin cause hyperpigmentation and the opposite is hypopigmentation. There are many reasons why our skin reflects an uneven color. For women, it can be due to pregnancy and for both genders, it can be due to stress, dietary imbalances, exposure to harmful chemicals, and the most common of which is ultraviolet rays. Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause skin pigmentation.

Our clinic helps you and the rest of the individual who has skin pigmentation. We understand how it feels to have this skin irregularity and how much trouble can it caused you now and in the days to come. Skin pigmentation is managed by the latest technology that promotes even skin color.

Useful Information

What are lentigines - these are common known as brown spots. These spots are evident in the face and at the back of the hand area. This is caused by sun exposure, and it is benign in nature. However, any lesion warrants a skin biopsy to ascertain its status, if it is benign or otherwise. The liver spots are obvious in most seniors, 50s and above. Nevertheless, fair-skinned people and those who are constantly exposed to the sun may have these spots at an early age.

Freckles - are small patches of light brown, usually in the face. The spots are due to the sun exposure.

Melasma - are tanned or brown patches noticeable on the forehead, upper lips, cheeks, chin, and nose. Pregnant women are prone to have these spots. The spots may fade after the pregnancy, however, these spots may also linger.

From the assessment process to the treatment and home management, our clinic is always there for you to assist you in any way we can. When you entrust your needs to us, rest assured all your queries are properly handled by the members of our medical team.